Reasons to Buy a Re-Certified Home Appliance

Reasons to Buy a Re-Certified Home Appliance
For those looking to buy a new appliance and want to save money, why not consider buying re-certified? By purchasing a re-certified home appliance from Western Appliance Warehouse you can get the same quality product as an original for less. Here are 5 benefits of buying a re-certified home appliance compared to buying used.

1) You can get a great deal on high quality appliances for a fraction of the cost.

2) Our appliances are professionally tested by certified technicians, ensure that you’re getting the best product for your home.

3) You avoid expensive labor or repair costs by getting the product at a lower price point.

4) Save more money on electricity bills as the appliances which are being sold are repaired and fixed for any fault.

5) A great warranty and customer service (90 day warranty on any parts replacements)
  • Local Delivery Available
  • 30 Day Plus 1 Year Warranty Included
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Genuine Product Guarantee
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